Progressive Web Applications

What are Progressive Web Apps(PWA)?

  • PWA’s is a simple & quick way to add (mobile) app like experience for your website
  • The usage of PWA’s has become possible because of significant progress in implementation of web standards in all mainstream browsers
  • Your website can be enabled with the PWA capability in minutes
  • By adding PWA support for your website, you eliminate the need to develop a mobile app, get app store approval, listing and do app marketing
  • Chrome on mobile and desktop's provides the most comprehensive and complete experience of the PWA feature

How does adding PWA support to website enhance visitor experience?

  • Faster access - Allows visitor to 'Add’ an ‘app-icon’ on the mobile devices's Home Screen or to Chrome apps for desktop/laptops
  • App-like experience – The 'app-icon' on the Home Screen will open the site like a native app in a full-screen mode giving the site greater screen real-estate for content
  • Increased speed – PWA’s allow for website content caching, which speeds up page loads. This is particularly beneficial on slower and congested networks reducing bounce-rate
  • Offline – With PWA web-caching the website can be enhanced so that parts of the site can be used even when the visitor is offline

Websites that will benefit most by adding notifications and PWA

Websites that sell any type of products (food, clothings, electronics etc), i.e online shopping sites or classic e-commerce sites

Businesses with websites that promote and market services with offers and promotions such as restaurants, salons, spa’s, fitness, hotels, clubs etc.